Przystań Bliskości
a website with parenting advices (Joomla CMS, XHTML, PHP, CSS).
Ośrodek Kultury w Bieczu (LINK)
a website of a cultural centre (Joomla CMS, XHTML, PHP, CSS).
Zespół Szkół nr 1 w Bieczu(LINK)
a website of a school complex (Joomla CMS, XHTML, PHP, CSS).
PHP - a flash presentation (LINK)
A flash presentation of several basic aspects of PHP.
GLINIK - a filesharing PHP application
The application was written for Fabryka Maszyn "GLINIK" S.A. It consists of an authorization engine (users and their passwords are stored in a MySQL database) and an interface for exchanging files.
Kuferek z imionami (LINK)
A web catalogue of Polish first names and their etymology. The site includes an advanced search engine. The technologies used in the project include: PHP, XHTML, CSS, MySQL); The project is still under development !
Bacula-web 5.0.3 (translation)
A Polish translation of Bacula-web - a web reporting and monitoring tool for Bacula (a backup tool).
Linkr 2.3.7 (translation)
A Polish translation of a linking module for Joomla (an open source CMS).
Szkoła Podstawowa w Sitnicy
a website of a primary school (Joomla CMS, XHTML, PHP, CSS).
A web based (XHTML, PHP) application for managing employees' data stored in a database (MySQL).